January 27, 2005

the militery scene

austria appers to be recrutin swamp crieatures. this is a ominous developmant.


its teh other austuria. the one in china er hwatever. not teh one in france.

an our parceptive reder jef sugests theyre made of algae. which i thnik hes got a point. he sems also to be sugestin that they use those feelers to datect there prey. er at anyrate taht their nonvisual.

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I don't know what effect they have on the enemy, but they scare the piss out of me.
En thar pontin taht zabooka strete at uss!

am emtyin may pokets now.

hau do yoo sai unkel in shwampese?

Jeff, noe spair chenge
its nto a zabooka its a zuleika! er mabe a bouzouki.

i duno how u say uncal but i herd teh best way to del with thease coloniels is ac like ur dead. theyll just snif u an mosey along. er anyway taht works with ppl from wisconsin.
Wel, HI HI HI, wutever eht teknickel naem, ets a hel uv a bgig gunn! end ken thoze algae cretturs sei whar their ponting? lats nat triy too aproche thar feemules.

en i dunt wunt theze monstturs form the blak baboon sneffin mei liek chaddar cheze!

yurrup iz troolie en ets lassed daze.

BTW, shoobart rote a nise sounge fer teh zuleika. en i dunt mene shaev enna harecut boum boum.

Jeff, guning far a bruuzing
I can't see anything, just brown. Are they camouflaged?
ohhhe. u mene antarcterstrallillia, nax too endnoseesia. wear thy hav knugnugroos and duck-filled fattypusses.

i fere thes spels teh camles doum.

Jeff, sekeing marsoupials
yeh! teh one with the bubk-milled flatterflosses. an all. ur rite the camals are in deep crap! mwuhaha! kamals haev no atnueral defense agaenst algea.

boghoney well its al browon yeah but som of its difernt brown. but no their not camoflaged there australian.
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