January 19, 2005

duly notad

incase u we're woried...

"...björk denies reports that she was so upset during filming that she ate her dress..."

teh tiams online

wel im glad we got that stratened out! but were stil waitin for a similar denial form prance bandar.

waitin... an wiatin...

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A trabible sheme! Doz seh hav anather won? In Eyesland ude nide et. Ore ule bee uzing rejkyavics vaipo rubb!

And Prince Pindar doznt ware a derss, taht's a killt, u ignoreanus.

Jeff, teh sandz ar getin en teh tennt
duno if shes got anohter one. but im prety sure if she et here dres her woredroab ppl wuld rejk her ovar teh coals.

is tihs thign on?

i just flu in form the cost an boy ar mny arums tired!
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