January 17, 2005


so a frenid cald last nihgt an she says 'whatr u doin?'

soi i said 'im mullin cidar!' cause i was.

an she sais 'wel leme know whan u make ur mind up!'

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She ran rings around you logically.

Harry Hutton
nothin gets past u does it!
You were mull inside who?
wel? soe? didju meik ur maind oup?

didju tel har ur desizion?

wil u kencider chainjing ur lawng destance copnamy?

noura joice sed jaymes ditnt noe hou ta tel ae stowry en taht goze fer u twu, HU HOO WHO!

end...wut abowt nayomee?

Jeff, mai hed hertz
hugbugy thats vulger! im shokd. at lest i think its vulgur. wel im shokced ether way.

jev joyec didn no how 2 tel a story. thats why he wroat finagans wake an eger rice buros roat synthetic men of mars. cos burrous culd tela story. evan if it was a stupad one. actuly especily if it was a stoped oen.
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