May 19, 2005


1:07 AM. Oblesburg.

The Greyhound jerked to a stop in a driving rain, tossing me out of a warm dream of a time that'll never come again, a time before the war. I rubbed my eyes and looked out through the crazy rivers on the window glass. A shabby rotten little corner of a shabby little city, a city full of shabby decent people who just want some peace and never seem to get it. A forgotten place to jungle up for a while until Kroc's boys back on the Coast forgot my face.

I looked at my watch. 1:07 AM. This was the place, all right.

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MNK said...

Catn umrstnad a bluddy wrd, rite ni Egnlich mna.

tihs form a guy who cant splel 'bloudey'.

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Don't worry, man. It won't take long. In fact, they probably already forgot it.
Catn umrstnad a bluddy wrd, rite ni Egnlich mna.
'to jungle up.'

Is this to hide out, or is it a new way of having sex, involving dressing up like Tarzan and covering yourself and your partner with creepers and mosquito bites? I can't decide which seems more likely.

Looking forward to the next installment!
This place is becoming distinctly odd. First the stuff about Agamama's Jovian brother, and now this. I think Bogol's been hacked; either that, or the lawn got to him.
I agree, Philip. I miss the old normal days when he went around punching people who looked like Dustin Hoffman and being pursued by the Clown of the Baskervilles.
You say "blouday",
I say "bluddey" -
Let's call the whole thing of.
Yeah! What's this about my brother, enh? He could be on Jupiter - you don't KNOW! Leave 'im alone or I'll, I'll . . .


Come to that, I don'tknow either - haven't seen the guy in over two decades.
wel tahts undarstandeble. hes been compresed by teh high geravity.
hapaned to my brothar. he usedta be six feet tal an now he cant se over his shoes. real easy to miss.
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