May 07, 2005

chwoderhead! chowdarhead!

whan i frist lived in bsoton the first place i livd in was so small i culdnt fit all my stuf in it so i hadda keep some of it in the trunk of my car. wel itt turns out taht cloathes are bendy and you can stuff em in oddshaped places prety good so tthats what i kept thare. which was kinda inconveniant havign to go out to hte sidewlak to chagne but aftar a whiale the naybors got useta it an realy overal id haveta say it was sorta libaratign. on the whole. but cold.


asshat is the new chwoderhead!

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Very illuminating as ever; but what does the title of this post signify? Is chowderhead what they shouted at you as you walked out the front door of a morning to clothe your nakedness? If so, was it a compliment or what?
thakn u! i try vary hard to be luminous.

acutaly teh finish guy siad somethign about ' the chowdarheadsd at asshats federal' over on vuoages bolg an i was remianded of how derly i love that word. so i just kinda threw it in for the heck of it.

i wanted to rename my bolog 'chowderhead' but turns out its alredy taken by some droulin lachrymose longwinded anthropoid asshat who postad once an then i hoape killed himself.
"some droulin lachrymose longwinded anthropoid asshat"

That about says it. Poor guy, having to "step into [his] CEO shoes" every week and miss his poor, fragile "Buttercup." Pobrecito.

I am going to go stab out my eyes with a dull stick right now.
Some clothes are more bendy than others. Socks are very bendy, hats less so. I am sure that there is a scientific measure of bendiness, but I have no idea what it might be, or whether it can be applied to clothes.

'Chowderhead' sounds like a form of soup.
Isn't their some kind of soup you can make from a boiled sheep's head? I don't think it's called sheep chowder though.
It's called "Boiled Sheep's Head Soup". Or, to give it its proper French name, "Soupe de TĂȘte de Mouton, er... BoilĂ©".
I always loved the word "chowderhead" too.

I just love your blog!
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