May 05, 2005

wuld u buy a used submerine form this man?

u.k. politician tony blair

this funy lookin guy just wona contest or somethign in englend. congeratulations dude.

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My dad's girlfriend was OFFERED a used nuclear sub by her mother, who is part of some swords into ploughshares type scheme. She wanted to know if she'd like it for an art project (seriously). No bugger offers ME a submarine. So Tony's Preznit then? Well, at least it wasn't the other fucker.
He didn't just win a contest - he won our hearts and minds, too.
rob - like seruoisuly serroiusly? whoa! thats cool. theive gota used submeriane in rode islend. its not nuculur thuogh. it was for lunchin nuclar misals but its desel-electrac itslef. nor is it a art projact.

h.b. thats sweet!
"at least it wasn't the other fucker"

That's beautiful. It should be adopted as a party slogan: "Vote for us...At least we're not those fuckers."
Pachinko, Y'all,

"You can only stare at a clown mask so long."

And, what's more:

"Its up to the clown to intimidate me and keep me in line."

Oh, yes...

"I'll tell you what I don't like. The paranoia of who will come on stage and tackle the clown next, because it's starting to go to a new level. I used to tell everybody 'come and kill the clown' and now it's actually happening... I'm always watching my back."
So she maintains. Her mother is easily mental enough to suggest it. Whether or not it would ever have got beyond the planning stage is another thing (which is true of lotsa art projects).
Dare you look into the eyes of the Great Clowan Blairo?

(Don't say I didn't warn you.)
Got 19 nuclear submarines over here in CT - one of 'em you can visit.
lunglang - 'it sucks less!'

oddreay - 'u can onaly staire at a clowen nmask for so long' u say? i disagre!

argamaormon - oh riaght. i clean frogot. new londans thare an groton. whares the sub u can visat?

rorb - im just not sure anybodyd give one of those away. i mean nuclear poward? not sompin u rely wana hand out to some hippy. but btw teh rusian sub in rhode island was a restaurant in finland or someplace for a while bafore these guys bot it.
Lingling - they already did. Both sides. Just not in those exact words.

The Tories had a campaign poster that just showed Blair's face and the words "Five More Years". In another era it would have been the pro-Blair team coming up wiht (damn, the HAHAHAitis is catching) that.

I've been on a nuclear submarine. Ever so small inside, it was.
hemigns of corse its smal. atoms are vary small thigns.
thats why i keep miane in a box.
Like a flea circus.
argamaormon - oh riaght. i clean frogot. new londans thare an groton. whares the sub u can visat?

The USS Nautilud - right outsidethe gate, got a museum next to it and everything.

Don't even have to worry that it'll take off while you're onboard. Its welded to the pier.
That is what I said to her. 'Are you fucking sure?' is what I said.
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