April 25, 2005

teh meings fo hte crads pichars

finely! soboddy who can comunacat afectivly. an spel.

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Blimey. There's an entire clan out there.
" Most of the time he is holding of jugaming with a wond"

I'll say.
i want to teh groacary stroe lsat niaght an thare was al this foad on the shalves taht said it was 'low crab'. whatsat mean anyway? ctrabs are awys low. theyre legs stick out to teh side. its the way their designed for hevans sake. someboddys tryna pul the wool ovar our eyeas here.
They were probably freeze-dried crab-louse granules. These are known as "low crabs" because they tend to keep to the nether regions, unless you are very supple.
teh botarfalies of love eh? how with 50% less sodiam! god hlep us al.
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