April 19, 2005


but u gota face ur feers raight? right. so i et teh icecremebar. tasty.

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Good lord. You ate it? Just looking at the packaging could give you eye cancer.
Not scared of clowns, but orange creme gives me the fucking creeps.
listen to you big wusses, scared of a few e-numbers. this is what all the kids are eating these days, when they're not eating drugs up their noses.
Good for you HA, eat or be eaten. What does clown-flavour taste like? By the way, I've found a clown restraining pen masquerading as a basketball court in Slovenia. Comes complete with brainwashing 'visual loops' and an artificial time system.
h.b. - well jeez if it didnt have horable pakcagign how wuld i know it was sugery crap?

rob - aw c'mon try one itl make u cool.

esk - hey cool i nevar herda e-numbars bafor. tehy got edable boan phosaphate! wa-hoo that suonds tasty! ok!

muad - calown flaver tasts like wevils byut sugary. taht clowan-pen is magnificent. think im gona steal taht.
Happy to be of service in the battle against clown supremacy.
I have some clown-based pornography if you want it. I sent it to ball bag & noreen and they seemed to like it. Maybe you could use it for implosion therapy?
I'm not sure what is more disturbing - that those guys know what clowns taste like or that HA HA HA knows what weevils taste like.
rob i thikn u fnoud teh right odience for that one hte frist time aruond.

agamammmmmon wel com eon who aint nevar et a weval in a moamant of weakness? i ask you.
Yeah, maybe. Tell you what though, I've never laughed so much at a clown...
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