March 30, 2005

kilar fact!

sergy rachmaninov had enormuos hands. thats what druv him to a life of criame.

p.s. movign house tomoara. might be away a few days.

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sowndz laik Rockmanyoff cood bee uv yoos too yoo inn ure moov weth thoze big hanz uv hiz.

Jeff, yoozing the blak keez onely
Moving house? Wouldn't it be simpler just to move yourself to a different house, rather than shifting the whole bloody thing brick by brick as I believe Americans are prone to?
jeez phalep. that way teh house acelarates insteada me. relatevasticly spekign thats two antiarely difernt thigns. i thot u knew that.

jef - i thikn ur thinkign of norman rackwolmnanof teh panter. he et bees er whatever.
I would have thought large hands were a hindrance to criminals. Unless you specialised in picking really big pockets.
Or strangling.
The house will not accelerate if you approach it from the proper direction. The earth's rotation will compensate for the house's acceleration as long as you yourself are moving counter to the direction of planetary spin. This means of course that the house will seem to stand still while you "move" towards it; however, you would be well advised not to have the front door opened in readiness for your arrival in case of collision and resulting unwanted nasal flattening.
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