March 26, 2005

nmy haiare

it wont stop groawing. it growas an grows. i get it cut an it dont stay cut.

u want dispair? isat what u wnat? try getign a hairecut evary month or two for htirtyodd years an it still aint took yet.

fuck yuo hair.

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Harpy Esther, Mr Arlingon Copulate Hyenas!

Try a career involving children (e.g. marriage, college professorship, or politics). The bits you don't tear out will soon fall out on their own.
HA is right. Hair, a keratin protein extruded by DNA-rich follicles, can reach 5m long but who'd want that kind of louse-attracting handicap in a war?
ion - dapends how hongray u are dunit?
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