March 10, 2005

err... wha?

cortesy of teh generaly incompahensable in principio erat verbum we briang u teh spacificaly incomparehensibal mcdolands broad.

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The most disgusting, terrifying thing is, I have to admit, oh god, she's kinda hot. You've gotta love a woman in uniform.
duno man. she kinda givse me teh creaps.
Have I been eating too many hamburgers, or does the male one have an artificial head?
Oh great, thanks. Now I'm thinking "soft white baps, secret sauce... soft white baps, secret sauce..."

It's going to be a long day.
h.b. ur clmplainin?! suonds liek nirvana to me.
You see! I think there's a market for this. McGeishas. The hungry businessman stops of at M,Geishas on the way home and a charmingly obseqious lady in an elaborate costume feeds him a burger prepared with elaborate ceremony and served in an exquisitely folded napkin. Then they retire to a private booth for some stress relief. This idea has legs people, but we're gonna haveta be lawyered up like OJ if we want to see it through...
dude rob totly!

teh tea caramony but whit pickle chips an grease. its got legs an a half baby!

u culd work it so legaly its a 'escrot service' or whatevar.

or u cuold just do it in japan wheire noboddy probly gives a crap.
It was mor Maccy D's lawers coming round and stamping on my nuts I was worried about, but yeah the potential is scary isn't it?
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