March 06, 2005

'teh back of the anvelope'

a kudzu in its natorel habetat. engineer sold separately.

if u tlak to geky poeple soner or later they alwys strat muterin about 'bakc of teh anvalope claulationjs' or whatevar. wel i thikn i figured out what their tlakin abot!

u see a anvalope is liiek a hart er a kudzu er whatever. so whet tehy mean is the kind of clacuation u culd do whial on the back of a anvelope. implyign tahat its hard to concentraete while ur bouncin over teh veldt tryringn to hang on.

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ur conphusing the anvilope weth the elevant. the studdie ov zoelegy richoirs much trainegn and nowudaze ets esiur to tacke an areplene.

Jeff, leveing it too bever
Thanks for this moment of clarity! Ace post!
I have heard that if you shrink an elastic band it becomes an "eland", which is not only very very difficult to write on but rather fragile when stretched.
jef if u wiat untal luanch itl be to late! an if u drop a anviloap on ur toe ull be sory. also u can take a elevant to teh top fluor but a areplane isnt so good for taht.

philop ar elands form ealingg?
Elands are from South Africa, which lends credence to the opinion I have maintained for more than sixty years, that the Zulus invented the elastic band, though only the clowns know why.
And if you knew that the back of the anvelope in some languages means the inner side of a tire you'd be extatic.
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