March 02, 2005

a random whelk dwon wlal streat

"...both the knobbed whelk and the lightning whelk have knobs on the edge of each whorl...

makes u think dunit?

an in a ohtar gripping whelk davelopmant...

"Why do crows not give up and search for a new whelk if a particular one does not break readily?"

truns ott teh crowas arnt so dumb! youl hafta scoroll down a bit to "foraging techniques of the Canadian northwestern crows".

moar rufus thomas covarage tomorrow!

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Whelks aren't so dumb either- growing the knobs makes their shells more robust to foil the crows. Purty soon the crows are gonna have to go in there with steamhammers.
Down't teh Bretish hav a frase abowt dewing somthing Weth Nobs On?

I thenk Lowrense Whelcke sould hav ben craked buy Krows--weth nobes own.

I oslo thenck teh Croues end teh Creeks sould banned twogether end tayke there cuntry backe ffrom the Whelckes end ather Euorupinians hoo kan't danse weth wulves.

Jeff, ajusting mie nobbs

PS in ur perfessional openion, IZ ther a deference bitween Whitsch end Thaat? (i rialize u mite nott noe wut i meen buy Thaat sence u kan't sea wut ime poynting att.)
jeff, how come you spell like ha ha ha? are you related?
"with knobs on" = really good. don't know why. like "the dog's bollocks", which also means really good, even though dog's bollocks aren't all that.
is it by hitler?
iskemo its got nobs on so u can chage teh chanal. but they dont have a mustaeochs. er. wel i dont thikn so enywy.

i gues teh dogs bolocks are like the cats pajamas an teh bees knee's. but as loagn as theire consenting its probaly ok.

aslo patsy cline useta gathar sefood for a livign hence teh sogn 'whelkign aftar midniaght'.

jef im a litle bafadled abot teh 'which' vs 'taht' isue. i generly play it safe by jsut pointing and grunting insted.

ion teh aternal arums race batween welks an crowas is gona end in tears one day. an ill say 'i tol u so!'
oooohh! kilar fcat! ben keith who playad steel guiter whit neel jung since the 1970s tured with patsy clian back in the 1950s er arely 60s or whanevar.
The British also use the word "knob" to mean "penis". Which is why saying that those whelks can be distinguished by "their slightly larger knobs" is so funny.
there IS a difference between which and that. you use "that" for essential, definitive information and "which" for extra information:

"the clown that ate HHH's parents went to the shops" ("that" is part of the noun phrase)


"the clown, which ate HHH's parents, went to the shops" (you could take out the which clause without losing the main sense of the sentence)

*sits back, satisfied*

*swills whiskey around glass*

*looks out at the cosmos*
thats a sutle point esk. damn subtal. i thikn ill jsut use 'whom' for teh bofth of em an let the cosmos fend for itself.

er wel hrm. ok in numbar two u alredy know which (tjhat?) clowan it is.

h.b. taht suonds like a ethnac sterotype. i hoap ur ashamd of urslef.
grammar is like crosswords or knitting in that it's more embarrassing to be good at it than to be bad at it. best to avoid learning any grammar because as soon as you let it into yr life you get all itchy when ppl say something wrong, and involuntarily blurt out things like "but that's a DANGLING PARTICIPLE", like a twat.
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