January 02, 2005

no its not refrehsing

so i bot this botl of pomagranet juis but it turnd out i didnt red the lable an it had blubery jius in it to. wel i dont like blobarys but i thot what teh heck its to late now so i dranik som.

wel it was wierd. it made the mussel undar my lef jaw go all creapy an horible so i was stagerin aroun goin ag agg an twistign my hed arond an falin over. like ag ag flop! an bneding my nekc all aroun the whoal time an twinchin. ag aagg ag! flop! twintch! ag!

an meanwhial teh cats sitin their lookin at me calm as can be like hes thinkign 'gee i wondar whats wrogn wiht him. mabe ill eat im whan hes ded.'

smug litl basterd.

but anywy i ended up driniking the rast off the juic an once u get used to it its not so bad.

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Ok I guess everything is equally valid or whatever and I believe that. We shouldn't act like stuck-up language cops and/or bigots.

But, that being said, I just can't stand the younger generations' poor attitude for written expression. Whatever happened to correct English?

If you can't express you're self clearly, and that means in concise, correct, clear, cconcise English, (or the language of your own choice, which can be very valid as a choice, although more and more people are finding English meets most of their day-to-day communication needs without recourse to 'ethnic' languages which, while surely very a very valuable part of history, are becomming less and less practical as a means of communication with anyone other than friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.: http://www.englishonly.com) then you are just letting the world know that you have nothing valuable to say. And probably too much (possibly way way too much) time to waste.

Hope this helps!
I was trying to 'troll' there in that last comment, but rereading it now it just looks like one more piece of genuine pointless crap.

Here's my problem with trolling, even if I could do it well. It's sort of like the Tallisker distillery brilliantly turning out a deliberately awful Coca-Cola-like parody drink to make a point. Well, before you know it they'd probably be making more money on that than on their whiskey. So what the fuck? Punishment is its own reward, I guess.
U shod gev som of tat palm & granit juis weht the bulb barries to the caits taht'l fex thar hary hieds!


PC: Bhogal stil gud,, but triy les pololtics.
porjec wabane i agere but then almost everytihng does lok liek a ponitles pece of crap aftar a while so its no big deal rely.

jef i did fed som 2 teh cat an he puked. so mabe that wasnt teh best plan.
Pucked? Weel, wahat goose arond, cames surround, i ges.

U shod haf a doug Thy ritonrs to thire one voomet.

Ya! Wal mi kat r 1 ov mi cats vomets promtli evri mornen after brekfst. I m now hoam in the daytime n i notis afer a wile zet my waf ehz nat kleening et ap. But ah thenk 2 misel, projact, u doan wan 2 get 2 much into the Vomet Eshew wif her as thet col leed 2 plaisez wer u doan wan 2 go. Lat sleapn vomet lay ez et war. Nway i notas afta a wile ther ez nat so much vomet on tha flor. I think wtf? Ternz ott, 2 mek a long sorry short, the kat was eeten et so evary buddy ez hapi.
prajct i so soo sooo soooo didn wnat 2 konw that. bt as long as it wasnt sopi etin the voomet i gues is not so bad.
Wall sambady ez eetin tha vamat thas ol iv got 2 sae

u sure sombodies not sneakin in mabe an etin it?
Wal 2 kepe u up 2 dait it is 2sday 9:35 in tha am n tha kat just vamated. No word yat on eetin or nat eetin.
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