December 31, 2004

kiler fact!

'dafanatley' has two 'a's not jsut one liek ppl think!

or u can even splel it 'dafanatalay' if u want extra ponts.


i totaly stoole this killar facet schtick from hairy horton but hey remeber what ts aliot said. he siad talant boarows an genuis stesals.

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wut f pepl strtid steling yr messpellin shtek?
what's the school system like in america??

do they teach you how to spell and write and stuff??
Wow - Hairy Horton is a spectacular name for Hutton, and I am tempted to start using it immediately.

Garthmeister J.
my spaelons nto a stshakc. iom exprasin my slef.
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