January 10, 2005


our loyal riader jef remids us of that grand ol sogn abot the moa!

i lossed my moa
own tha slops of mauna loa
naver noo wut it was foa
enny waaaaay....

an im glad he did cause it rely tugs at the hartstrigns. u can imaagin the por moa standin their suroundad by brimstoan an lava an wahtnot an just kinda lokin aroun. cause moas arnt rel bright. i mean there ten feet tal but they got tiny litl branes like shrepmp. so shes standin their wiht her shaterd dreams wanderin 'duhhh whats goin on? whered jef go? wherd e go?' an menwhile jefs like sneakin off calamberin down the mountin muterin 'jesus what was i thinkin? waht teh hel do i wnat with a moa?'

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Gud sngong frum th daze of youre...i kin hier the unkeleles stramming in th bakruond.

on the marquee, the lax non scripta bitt...
u souldnt chunge suhc thnings ... roma locuta est; causa finita est.

Jeff, lial royster

PST hou ded u no mai moa was a fremale. i bets ist becuse lass is moa.
yeah but im not teh poap. er at lest not anymore. i hada make it teh firbolg thing cause tuatha de danaan dosnt ryme with 'orange'. er as carninal numan siad 'nemo olorogotomop in causa sua'.

ur rihgt about loss is omaha! taht was a gud ges!
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