January 07, 2005

new poall!

what is ur favret wrod?
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update! 1/16/2005

'usufruct' still in teh lead!

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Mmmmm, usufruct...
Am sari bat their ol rail wurdz. Had hie hoapz 4 usuphuct bat no turnz ott ets reel. Bumar.
no there not.
u furgot too ad rodomontade thets mi favirt.

bat thangs for speelign paul write thes tiem.

Jeff, redder of ur batlg.

PC= soriy abot thei coma. i ded it unconshusly.
rodomontade? i usd 2 have a 1985 chevy rodomontade wiht bald tires an flams panted on th side. i rely dug that car but than i hit a ox er a mamoht er whatavar an i totld it. ar actly i think it mitve bean a moa. yeh it was. so i got outa teh car an it was lyin thear twitchin an thrashin aroun an i said 'hey sory bout that! i gues u wont be runin aruond any moa! hahahahahahaha!' but it didnt have craps worth a sence of humor it just kapt on twitchin an whatnot. i actualy felt kinda bad about that.

im gald u notascd i spald puol rate. i trid hraradrd.
er to clarify it was the moa that was twitchin an thrashin. not the car.

only u can pravent amfibious antasedants!
i remambder thet songe, (sory for conma)

i lossed my moa
own tha slops of mauna loa
naver noo wut it was foa
enny waaaaay....

i aslo sauw a sngi on the saide off teh rod thaet saiyd


bat thir splalling wesnt so gud

Jeff, rigder fo uyer blanchg

PC > gald you laikd ur rodomontade nax teim triy ridding in a Phorde Bombast!
u riged ur paul u faschisd!

i votted for perci, beakaws i dndint wunt hem too bei sadd liek norment was, end miy vot want too th frust goy!

wall u warnd as al. u sed UZE it & U r FRUCT !

wal i gat fruct gud. tal perci am srory i ded th bast i cud.

Jeff, rager at ur bunk

PC / i shold hav geussed sambody wo wuld laev a moa buy th sied uv the rod lik thet culd duw enythngi !

PPCc / wach aut fer th bosoton brahmsins. thiy uced two hav moa . bat nou thy hav lass.
teh botson bramhins dont scair me none. they havnt won teh penant sance 1898! their evan worse then the rad sux.

but im totly into the foard bobmast tho. thats a sweat roid! its even beter then the catilac epicene.

i didn rig the paul btw. notace on the answer page it syas 'ur faveret wrdo is:' rite? so its telin u whta ur faverit word is. an obviousyl ur a bit misanformed on teh subject so its helpin u out. an ur ungratful! which i can esaly forgive since the moa/mauna loa snong made me laf so damn hard i allmost wet maself.
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