June 20, 2005

pelican bras

wtf do pelicans wnat with bras? they aint mamals!

they dont much look liek bras anyhow. mabe its just one a them 'servign sugestions'.


mod remidns us that in teh midal agas pelecans were knowan to engage in self-harm! cuase they didn have shrinks than. so theid have wron bras to keep from stabin emselves.

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What the hell is a pecan - a pelican that's had the 'ell knocked out of it? Maybe that's why they need the bars to prop themselves up while they pontificate to the barman about the meaning of fish before going home to slap the wife around.
To stop them self-harming and stabbing their breasts.
Perhaps they wear them to keep their fish-filled beaks from sagging. This sounds like a question for your friend Eggagog.
Anyway, they resemble pelicans far more than those bovine horny things in your previous post resemble groves. Groves, as everyone knows, are microscopic parasites which live on vinyl records. They are very ticklish, so if you drag a special needle along them while spinning them around at a certain speed, they will start crackling and producing music. They have become quite rare in recent years thanks to the advent of the compact disc, and those that remain have probably got quite large owing to the lack of competition for food; but the size of the ones in your picture is just plain ridiculous.
Ufta ridling er blogge, ifa I mind I suya kinknuts. Whoa, Bill.
"whan folke hadde loughen et thyce blogge
er gan to grucche an blah blah blah."

q. whaddya calla midal iglesh pote getin lunched otta a trebuchet?
a. a flyin chocer! HAHAHAHAHAHRHARHAHRHASJLHSDJKHASKDFL LAJSDO UOW48489Y 480Y ASHJGHGHGhghghgh hru hur hur! hyuk!
wel i thotit was funy anyway. pfft.
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