June 11, 2005

factalty luonge blodbath!

ovar at swamicros' place the acedamecs are havin a set-to thretnin to cut ech othar an whatnot.

what a lota ppl dont relize is acedemics when enraged are as dangaruos as a wunded cape bufalo. theill charge without warning. i ermembar whan i was a unargrad my aviser dr bilginger useta brign a basbal bat to facalty metigns an if onea teh othars wuld piss him off hed wack im. than one day tehy fuond bilginger dismembard an wrapd up in palstic in teh trunk of a '81 volvo 240.

teh campas palice siad it was probly a suiciade becuase thare was onyl one bulat in im. a .460 wetharby magnum as i recal. that didnt rely expalin how his legs got detachd or how he skun imslef but he was a prety datermind guy i gues.

the groves of academe

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The Vlovlo 240 (you really need to watch those typos) is suspicious to say the least. If it had been a 1981 Vlovlo 239, that would have been suicide without a doubt.
Yeah, don't matter what model though, if you gonna wax a vlovlo driver, you nead at least the wetherby. I'd say a Rigby if you wanna be real sure HA.
ribgys are a bit flash aint they? i mean if itd bean gendar studys ok but tihs was teh eglish lit dept.
Yeah, gender studies people are a lot more violent, especially the women, who are always trying to prove something. Literature, on the other hand, breeds docility and behind-the-back insults. Philosophers are the worst; they just discuss the relative merits of different assassination schemes without ever getting anywhere, taking Hamlet as their model. Totally impotent.
someboddy once siad mathemeticans are inluck cuase all tehy need is a pencel an papar an a wasebaskat but taht philsephars are evan betar off cause they dont need the wastbaskat.

ba-dum chshshsh!

damd if i can remebar who siad that.
It's true that academics are quite violent. I can't count the number of times I've made an off-color comment in class, only to have the professor get red and the face and try to stab me with an overhead projector pen.

Also, clowan porn @ http://www.somethingawful.com/articles.php?a=2897
SC, that link is truly frightening. I will certainly be having an uneasy sleep tonight.

"[M]y nightmares, which I believe already surpassed, arose screaming from the ashes of my subconscious to wreak renewed psychic terror."
I don't know man, the older the volvo, the more metal you gotta get through. Anyway, if you got it, flaunt it, right?
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