June 09, 2005

sic transit gloria steinem

one a these days teh ol bats gona go belly-up an ur all gona be garovallin aroun moanin in awe at the hedliane on my boituariy. jsut u wait an see!

i psot tihs in the desparate an probly hartbrakinly futil hoap taht i have more then zero reders who dont also red hary "teh commisar of cool" hutons comants.


a anonamuos reder says 'In Hoc Signo Victor Mature' which klils tow brids with one bush i thikn.

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Now, where have I seen that before...?
It was a good comment, and worth repeating.

However I think you compounded the futility somewhat by adding the link.
phil - um er... duno whatcher tlakin abot! er hehh heh...

mnk - compuondign futilety is what i do best!
Ya Schmeg head.
In Hoc Signo Victor Mature
I don't understand Latin. What does it mean?
Sic transit gloria mundi: "So the glory of this world passes away."

Fuckin' google it, man. I don't understand Latin either, except for the occasional cognate.
I'm still confused. Is Gloria Mundi the past tense of Gloria Steinem?
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