May 27, 2005

wrod of teh day

grobian, n: "teh type of borishnes ... a clowanish slovanly persen" (oed).

its saposed to be form teh german 'grob'. i wondar if mike roykos grobnik fambly is related. slats grobnik by the way has sperung to life!

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I knew a girl in college whose last name was Grob. Her mother was Swiss, too. She shoulda known better than to marry a man whose last name was effing Grob. The girl was also a bit psychotic; just goes to show. Product of an idiot and a grobian, I mean.
culdita bean really groß an somboddy jsut got confusead? anyhow mabe here mom was a frog suisse not the hun kind.

but teh sad thign abot that name is evan if the kids at schol didnt know what it ment theyd stil make fun of it anyhow. leik they usta make funa my ers. their not that big. i mean yeah okay they are prety big. but not like a african elaphent.
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