May 20, 2005

vernaculer shmernacalur

  1. 'a is teh new b' is hte new 'in: a; out: b'.

  2. 'pachinko' is the new 'cooze'.

  3. it is my firm an setled baleif taht 'holy fucking fuckola' is or uoght to be teh new 'OMGWTFBBQ'.

  4. 'cradulity' is not teh new 'credibility' ragardless of what ppl thikn.

i have spokan.

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Is bollocks the new Bogol?

I have inquired.
Is Holy fuking fukola=hff? Curious....
u makin funna me phil? jeez thats cold. an i thuoght u lovd me fro my mnid.
Holy fucking fuckola! I can't believe you wrote the word "cooze." Something about that word gives me the shivers.
givs u teh shivars? wel tahts probly poetic justace anyhow since u ware tormenting them guys whit 'pachinko'.
i thuoght u lovd me fro my mnid

I didn't even know you kept pets.
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