May 16, 2005

ВИЗЫ-"Шенген" от 100 у.е. ры

ive been geting a lota rusian spam latley. it goes thruough gmails spam filtar like gras through a goose. i think their rasorting to rusien for taht very reason. but thares a flaw in they're plan.


i hoap taht hedline dosnt say anythign dirty. if i geta buncha angry driveby posts refered by google serches sayin 'WHER ARE GURL IS UNDER WARE! YOU ARE CHEAT!' then i gues ill know somethigns amis.

anothar update!

welcome to teh good ppl of kirovskaya oblast! thakn u for ur patiance! its all a terible misundarstadnning!

cavalcade of updates!

imtrepad reder soumichris ofars hope! "I'm pretty sure it doesn't say 'pachinko', so you at least don't have that to worry about."

update again!

vague says "They're advertising 'Shengen' Visas from 100 U.E." she knows rusian? thats prety cool.

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Well, I'm pretty sure it doesn't say 'pachinko', so you at least don't have that to worry about. Maybe vague can translate for us.
It says: "URGENT - 100 CLOWANS are 'scurrying' towards Bosoton." (Whatever that means.)

Hope this helps.
Семинар! Вас ждут : стёкла, огонь, ножи!
They're advertising "Shengen" Visas from 100 U.E. I don't know what "Trening" is on about there; some seminar about glass, fire, and knives.

Oh, and one more thing: Вы любите пачинко!
That one said pachinko. I don't know what else it said, though.
Schengen visas - that's a change from Viagra.

For non-Europeans, Schengen countries are the ones that have abolished border controls between themselves, so that clowns can move freely across...... urrrghh!!
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