May 03, 2005


for resons which i persenaly find reprahensable but also funy vogue of zemblen garmer is consarned with her gougal rankign whan ppl serch for the wrod "pachinko". shes lowar on teh list than one of the wrost sogns teh pogues evar recorded. i ask u is this justice? no. it is not justiace.

wel are u a man er a muose? or a women or a mouse? i mean ur not a mouse right? right. me nether.



this is aparantly cald 'goggle bobbing'. dunno why.

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Reprehensible, eh? Well, I would like to be higher than that (surely equally reprehensible) Pogues song, at least. Thanks for the help!
ur welcome! that sogn is dafnataly moare reparanhensable. just dont mentoin any 'speciel areas' ok?
Good going, Ha. We'll get "pachinko" into the lexicon yet.
Hey, I am already up to #67 from #456. It's sad that this amuses me so much.
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