April 30, 2005

whatta pieca work

wel this monf i moevd toa plaice whare ppl have lwans for the frist time in yers. an somboddy just fiared up a lawnmoawer nex doar. havant herd taht suond in a long time.

whatta godawful rakcet taht thign makes. objectavely speakign that is. but it truns out my barain is wiared — wired i tel u — to regaster it as comvorting. idylic even.

so ether our erly ansesters evolaved among frienly an afectinate anemels what made a noise like that or i gues ppl are adaptive after all. who knew?

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a plaice whare ppl have lwans for the frist time in yers

This is typical of the reactionary nature of the Bush Administration. People in this (no doubt gratefully anonymous) district have, for the first time in years, had lawns inflicted on them along with all the inconvenience and peril this implies. Once the superficial, soft-drug thrill of the "lawnmower next door" (and we all know what that means in English, my friends) has worn off - then, ah, then the true horror of the situation will start to manifest itself. The slippery slope will start to slide. Then it won't just be lawns and lawnmowers, but parasols, white garden furniture, flower beds, disagreements with neighbours about overhanging tree branches leading to arguments with chainsaws and who knows what all. It won't be pretty, I can tell you that.
ur damn skipy u can tel me that! next thign u know itl be lime rickeys (fluoridated) an groquet. menwhile the lawan menace continus unabaited. its rainin now. mighty suspicios timign dont u thikn?

we msut guarg agin these evils until teh sloppy sloap has swung its sawn snog! with the octapus. in teh drawing room.
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