April 26, 2005

killer camel fact!

"More different kinds of camels have been found in Nebraska than in any other collecting ground in the world."

they jsut mean fosilized ones.

it turns out camels allegedly evolved in nroth amaraca an then escaped. the relativs they left bahind went exticnt in the pleistocene.


to clarify: its teh fact thats kiler. not the camlls. as long as u keep ur pants on the most theyl do is wound you.

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I want a fossilized camel. Can you get me one Ha, and I will put it in the garden to frighten off the real camels. Live camels are horrible and smell and make a real old racket and if they do not have ticks then they just have fleas, the dirty, filthy bastards. If they see a fossilised camel they will think "fuck it, I am not going in there that is petrifying"
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