April 17, 2005

killer fcat!!1!

teh insinkarater is illsuted to griandign coffee. id recamend prety much anything else. evan hitign teh beens whit a hamer.

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Looks like that lady in the pink sweater is trying to erate her hand in the sink but hey she's still smiling!
rigaht! see what a fine pieca technolagy it is? but teh fargmants of her hands like my cofea gruonds wil be lsot froever. she wont be smilin then.
perhaps you should take it OUT of the sink before grinding coffe, and put a filter beneath it to catch the grounds
kieth tahts to complacatad. i was thikign i culd just reach in their an kinda gerab teh gronds whit my figners. didn wrok out to good. but i still got some left on the oather hand atleast.
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