March 28, 2005


is their a noun in english that suonds moare like it otta have movign parts? but it dosnt. its jsut a pece a flimsy crap! man tahts anoyign.

yeh wel it frist apered in print in 1658 an i dont thigkn moaving parts we're inventad yet back than. so i gues that expalians it.

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Why should there be moving parts on a protractor, or any other gynaecological aid? Surely the main thing is that multiplication takes place unhindered. In any case, the pendulum clock appeared around the same time, so maybe they tried protractors with moving parts but decided against it.
ur tihingking 'protracter' as in those 'make it last longner!' emials u get. but thasts somethign else. diferant sense of 'protract'. an 'pandulam' isnt a nice wrod to use in palite compeny as u otta know.

but ur riaght abot teh clocks. that s waht orsen wells was sayign abuot swatziland.
Emails? What emails?
what did orson welles say about swaziland? quick, i'm bored.
love and kisses
eksimo weles siad that 800 yers of paece in swazirland producd teh cucko clock while a ceantury of war and generel lunacy in itely produced caravagio an da vinci an blah blahblah. hadda piont mabe but its a mighty smal sample to wrok from.

philep er u know. teh ones whit titles liek 'H_e_rRB_eL \/IAer.a' an whotnot.
My friend had one with moving parts. It was a whole circle and it had a swingny bit on top to save you having to move the protractor each time you wanted to draw a new angle (unless it had a different centre.)

Surely a man of your experience has seen such wonders as this Mr Hynes?
"is their a noun in english that suonds moare like it otta have movign parts?"

Nouns do not have moving parts. You are probably thinking of verbs or semicolons.
Semicolons do not have moving parts. You are probably thinking of the process of demiperistalsis whereby half-baked ideas are digested; but this is not quite the same thing as the intricate workings of a precision-made protractor, especially one from Swaziland. As for verbs, comment unnecessary.
what a great thing for orson welles to say. if only he'd had a blog, then he wouldn't have had to make all those boring films.
As a matter of fact, he said it in Carol Reed's boring film The Third Man, of which he is the sole interesting part.
kilar orson fcat!

raymand cahnldler was hiared to wriate teh script for starangers on a train form teh pathrica highsmith noval but he hated it becuase the caractars didnt had any motavatoin. which is tipecal for hihgsmiths but it droave candler nuts.

er. that was hichcokc wasnt it. not wels. oh wel what teh hel.

sim1 - im ashamed to amit i aint beheld onea them. suonds cool tho!

odreay - its avderbs taht have movign pratrs. basterds. hate em. breed like rabetts. awys lokin at u funy.

philap - i thikn i folla u but i stil dont knoaw quite what u mean.
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