March 27, 2005

jsut liek juan fangio

so i go out tihs moaraning to driave my car. suny wram day! gona put teh top down an break teh spead limit! rosso corso! hurah! but it wont start. teh baterys ded as a cabage.

so i walk to a couple a gast statins an they wont gime a jump. so i cal a towtruck servace. now u got a undarstadn that in boston u get towad an avarage of about once a day. towtruacks are thick as flies here teh bastards. wel i hada call about fiftean of em befoare one wuld come out. takes him half a hour but finely he showas up an jumps teh car an thats fifty bucks cash please thankuvarymuch.

so he drivas off an i get im my car an pul away form teh curb. on a hil facign upwerd at abot 15 dagres. an stal teh f*(#@$%*$% car. whit teh widnow opan. a electrac widnow.

god. damn. it.

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But at least you had a rich and fulfilling day.
Hello Ha, where you been?
rob i was blesd whit a unaxpectad an welcome change in my empaloymant status an moare or less took a prortractad nap.
ed itd of seemed more fuflilign at teh time if i culdve shot somboddy.
I know its *called* New England, but it is, in fact, America so surely you could have?
suarely i culda shot somboddy u meen? wel teh truth is ppl talk up taht aspect of our cultar but sadly its a axageratoin. i havnt shot at anobody in yers. an evan then i missed.
I hoep u ghet aids and die.. coz u writ liek a fhag
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