March 07, 2005

to good to check

ovar at chaste my ladies bystnadar form teh law west of eeling brodwy claims that 'one person in 28 is a [Jehova's] Witness' on st. helena.

but he frogets to noat that theres only 14 ppl thare. so somebody has to switch off on oddnumbered days.

bonus kiler fact!

st. helanas nationel antham was writan by someboddy nicknamed 'old saddlebags'.

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yes, ur rite. and after Nipollion left the Ile of Elbow, and flusched out at Watterloo, he went to Saint Hellena's four sum rilaxashun.

he wood have becum a Jewhover Wetness, but he wuz to bizzy playing solitear. it wuz hard too shufl becuaes he had to kiep that one hanned in his vessed at all timez, u see.

it wood hav ben batter to sand him to Pictairs Iland and he culd hav ben eten buy myootinears. that iland was foundad by mistre christain, not mistar jehoovers waistbands

Jeff, Al Shaddai Witness
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