April 20, 2005

whe're teh bad clowans go

uor alert reder muade has alertad us abot a frihgtaning phanomenon:

I've found a clown restraining pen masquerading as a basketball court in Slovenia. Comes complete with brainwashing 'visual loops' and an artificial time system.

the paeg is fulla ominous an menacign calown talk like 'pošaljite nam Vaše priloge' (trans.: 'pass me that vase [full of] porridge, general giap!').

be vary afrade. we stil dont know what dark hand is really behind this. whoever they are tehy apper to have all hte resorces of slovinea at they're wanton disposal.

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Until Slovenia and Slovakia can agree on a non-confusable name, neither should be trusted. Clowns, all of 'em, till proved otherwise. Mark my words.
Non-confusable name? Have you seen their flags? They probably both have the same national anthem, as well; something along the lines of "Fuck the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy".
slouvaki is made otta lamb an slivovintses are like pancaks but tehyre liqor or some damn thign. but i thikn thats teh oley difarance. i mean their all a buncha damn forgs as far as i can see. let em all go to hell for all i caare.

pfillip u know waht tehy say 'the austra-hongerian empiare was none of teh above'. er no it was david loyd gorge who was none of teh above. nevar culd quite figuare otu wat they we're getin at the're.

by teh way spekin of anoyign foraners i started redin winsin chruchils memoires. first voluem. he goes on at great langth about briatish polatics in teh 1920s an what he was doign but he nevar once mentions what party he was in. or what party anybody else was in. an it matters to whats goign on. an he assumes u remembar who won which election in 1921 so its all like 'so since teh election turned out as it did we all had to resign...' but u dont know who 'we' is or who won what or what teh conection is. so all these difernt guys do this an that an teh parties do this an that an finaly winnie triumphantly rejoins teh consarvatives! (who may or may not be teh tories). which is ur frist clue he wasnt in em all along. but u still dont have a clue where the hell he was in the meantime. wtf? musta been senile by the time he wroate it. sometimes he'll refer to sombody by last name only for three pages an nevar say the guys first name or what office he held. anyway i chucked it at teh cat an picked up something that made sence.
One of Churchill's colleagues commented about his war memoirs, "Winston has written a book all about himself and called it The World Crisis."
Anyone seen the film 'Harvey', starring James Stewart? Well, Churchill believed he was being followed around by a black dog which no one else could see.

It's lucky he didn't have his finger on no nuclear trigger.
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