April 02, 2005

prince ruperts kilar fcat!

crimso ca. 1970 l-r: fripp, collins, mcullough, haskell (lisp not shown), seinfeld

jsut so were on the same paeg: a dye is a colard liqud. a pigmant is a sollid. for painte its gruond up an mixed inta a glop liek linseyd ol er wahtaver. a 'lake' is finaly grond chlak or somthign thats bean dyd so u can use a dye as a pigmant. tihs is on teh leval. im not yankin ur chane here. rely!

teh red dye cochineal dosnt merely just have a cool name. its also made otta bugs! it rapalaced alizarin crimsan which is glop squezed outa madder (rubia tinctorum if u give a rats ass) root. whic teh oed says 'alizarin' is form teh arebac mening 'jiuce presd otta somhtign'. which is teh suck cause its a coolar wrod evan tehn ciohcineal but in spite a that its got nothign to do whit lizerds at all. how unfair lief can be.

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I presume the root gets madder when it is squeezed; but madder than what? If it's just madder than it was before it got squeezed, why not just say "mad"?
While Titian was mixing Rose Madder
His model reclined on a ladder
To him her position
Suggested coition
So he ran up the ladder and had her
Can egg tempera be used by vegans? And since this is still the main medium for Eastern Orthodox icon-painting, are veganism and icon-painting incompatible? Hmmm...

And many both organic and inorganic dyes and pigments are toxic. If you could be pregnant, HA, please avoid these.
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