April 05, 2005

base canard

new 2006 chrysler maru. call now for affordable financing!

its nto troue taht general moters is planingn to make a car tath runs on bunker fuel. such absurd lies only serve to perpatuaete harmfal starotypes abot teh amarqacn ottomotave indastry.

its actuly crysler.

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Base Canard iz teh hoam of teh ffranch Corps Melitaire Duck Sqwadron on the koast of Eel-da-Frantz. Et iz lead buy the Duck-de-Paree end edvized buy the Grand-Duck de Lucksumburg (and hiz fathre, the Grate-Grand-Duck of Same.)

don't duck til you sea the wites of there eggs
If you put some deep-talking passengers on that boat, would it be a "bass Cunard"?
I wouldn't know, myself. I'm a musician, but I play the keyboard, not the double base.
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