April 16, 2005

teh ides

did my taxas last night midst muckle swaerin. lo an bahoald whan i get to teh end of the state-of-massachosats part turbidtax sayas teh folowan:

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue offers a voluntary tax rate on 5.3% income [ed. this means "on income which is taxed at 5.3%", which is fucking well all of it]. The voluntary tax rate is 5.85%.

Do you wish to pay this higher rate of tax?

Note: The new tax rate is strictly voluntary and will increase your tax. Most people answer "No" here.

ummm... hm. ya dont say...

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Dear me, why wouldn't people wish to give even more money to Taxechussets so it can be pissed down the drain?
Choice is better than no choice, innit.
piare - u gota point their. id still liek a betar choise though.

theres alwyas door numbar three. the comute to bsoton form thare is brutal if u wrok halfway nromel hours but tehy gota way cool state motto.
I don't understand (and, frankly I'm fucking surprised you do). Does this mean your income tax is 5.3% or what? Surely not, mine is 23% and then some extra bits. Which is what you get for being english. However, we don't do this whole once a year tax thing, we're just steadily bled so you don't notice as much...
rob - this is just state income tax. state an federl are totly seprat. fedaral is a bigger bite. both are 'witheld' by ur amployer (if any) so its teh same steady-hemorage deal u got. all told i bled abot 29% last year via whithoaldign.

the numbars dont always wrok out so most years u either send em a small check or else they send u one. theres all kindsa exemptionjs and daductions an whatnot. e.g. in mass u dont haveta pay taxes on income that u spent on rent. they take ur wrod for the amount. some people must abuse teh hell outa that one.

masachusats has a 5% sales tax too. so ppl tend to buy cars an other big itams in new hmapshiare whare thers no sales tax. what gets me is that when u cross teh broder into n.h. teh pavement improves. the roads in mass look like passchendaele the day after but n.h. roads are smooth as a babys ass. so what are they spending all our money on exactally? booze i bet.
You're right! it's a fuckin' ace of a motto!

From the NH website:
The toast said in full: "Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst of Evils." The following year, a similar invitation (also declined) said: "The toast, sir, which you sent us in 1809 will continue to vibrate with unceasing pleasure in our ears, "Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils.

Vibrating toasts that speaks! Way cool!
That makes more sense - like our council tax, but all at once (this used to be called the poll tax, but no-one liked that name, so thet rioted till it was changed to council tax, now people just gripe about it when there's no weather worth griping over)
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