May 10, 2005

CORPERATE MEDIA LIES!!1! has a shiny sun icon for teday an cliams its gona be 'mostly suny'. well thats a loada crap. its gloomy. havent seen teh sun all mornign.



an hour after i psoted this teh sun came out an they changed the forcsat to 'Intermittent Clouds'. ovbiously tryna covar they're tracks. somboddy musta relized im onta em.

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Fuck me HA, have you not got a cat to blog about? Soup recipes? The weather? You're not secretly English are you?
who me? thats a lota ol tosch.

hey im doin train schedals tomora! wa-hoo! were havin fun now!
The Hong Kong Observatory does EXACTLY the same thing. Makes my blood boil. And they call themselves scientists. Those lying scumbags.
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