May 09, 2005


i bean muterin so much about chowdarheads i dacided to have chowder for diner. so i thot id share my recipy because lets face it im alitle short on clowan stories today.

arlingtons scalop chowder

this is abot as simple as u can get an still call it chowder. also if some asshat form new yrok tries to feed you tomata soup an calls it 'chowder' i sugest you shoot im. an if some asshat form boston tries to give you pumpernikcel an calls it 'dark rye bread' i suggast u shoot him. a pox on both of em.


  • 1/2 cup fish stock1
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1/4 cup minced onion
  • 2 tablspoons buttar
  • one mediam red potater diced 1/4 inch or so er a bit moare. i mean for gods sake dont get al o.c.d. abot it ok.
  • 1/4 tespoon salt
  • 1/4 tsp frech garound black peper
  • mabe 1/3 pound a bay scalleps or so. or sea scallaps i guess.

melt butter in pan. add minced onion. keep the heat low! u just wana soften em not cramelize em.

at teh same time put the potato an fish stock in a pot. cover an cook real slow for fifteen minutes or so until the potaters all soft an the stock is starchy. stir real good several times as you go along to get some starch off the taters and make sur it all dont stick. u want it thick whit lumps. if u dont like lumps in ur chowder u can just go to hell for all i care.

when the potato glops ready add the mlik to it an stir it. then crank up the heat undar the onions a bit. when thats goin good an sizlin add scllalpes to onions. cook em one minute on either side (er maybe two if theyre sea scallaps). youll want em slightly browned but watch out u dont wana overcook em. they turn inta superbals real easy.

at two minutes on teh dot (er 4 if sea scalps yada yada) add the milk/potato glop an the salt an peper an let simmer real low for two minutes.

its done! eat it! crusty bread an beer! decent beer whit some balls not budwiser or whatever crap liek that. i thikn ipswich nut-brown is ideal with this one. er reguler ipswich ale. but HA HA U LOSE if ur not in new egland ur probly s.o.l. on ipswich! but siera nevada i.p.a. is ok. er hey even sam adams. just not schlitz for gods sake. i mean it.

this makes one hefty servign. multiply at will.

1 ppl say botled clam juice is a tolerable substituate for fis stock but i nevar tried. i use kichan basics sefood stock myslef but i dont especily vuoch for it. im waaaay to lazy to colect fish bones an all taht crap an make my owan is all.

mesurmants for all teh weird foraners: a cups 237 ml. a teaspoons just shy of 5 ml. a tablspoun is three tespoons. a puond is 2.2 kilagrams. HAR HAR HAR ok its teh othar way aruond.

kiler fact!

in rode island they put chorizo or linguica in theyre clam chowader an also red peper flakes an olive oil. lotta portaguese in rhoade islend. also cape verdeans more recently.

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You know, I hear a lot of rumors about this tomato-based chowder anomaly, but I have never seen it "in the flesh." Are we sure it exists? And, if it does, we surely must fucking cut those who promote it. Euuh.

Also, as any fan of the Simpsons knows, it's not show-DAY, it's CHOW-dah!
I still don't understand what "chowderhead" means. Does it refer to fellatio by someone whose breath smells of the stuff?
When I go to the pub this evening I shall tell my friends that I have been reading stuff by a man who is named after a cemetery and who posts soup recipes on the Interweb. "Oh yes", they will say, "What's his name? Pere Lachaise?"
Didn't know there was a cemetery called HA HA HA. The residents must have been popular.
philip's comment leaves me reeling in disgust... lol

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