May 26, 2005

meny yers ago in teh old cuontery

so ther was this graet and fersome clowan in a cave in teh wods. an he et the viligars form time to time. one day he adbuctad a fare made form a givan vilage an some a the rude swains of teh localety setald on a plan to get er back! but whan tehy hoave in view he grabd teh frist one an the othars ran. which was just as well cause hed alredy et teh chick anyhow. not bein hugry he wrang the kids neck an stuck him in a tree for breakfast an setlad down for a good nights sleep.

the next moraning he went out an a bear had eatan half the body! but he was of a phiasophecal dispositoni so he just shrugd an said 'oh well half an oaf is betar then none'.

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The myth that clowns in olden times lived in caves and fed on virgins and swains (whatever their manners) still persists, despite growing documentary evidence that these phenomena were misreported. The ancient scrollmasters, after all, almost never investigated the stories in person and relied on rumours passed from oaf to oaf by word of mouth. The stories were often distorted by yokel interference and the fact that the mobile phone had not yet been invented, so that it was necessary to rely on ordinary telephones, which in the Middle Ages could be as big as a house and were rarely more effective than simply speaking moderately loud.

Anyway, I doubt it was a clown. It sounds more like a dragon or a black-backed shrike or something.
ur right them oaves wernt relible worth a damn.

actuly teh frist mas comunicaten davice was the trebuchet. youd write ur mesage on a sevard head an bung it into teh othar guys city.
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