June 02, 2005

"Sorry, this blog address is not available"

so i thognt whoa a cool idea for a bolg wuld be one cald 'clevar hans' whare reders ask me questonis like 'my husbend has teh clap so i shot im an do i need any special precations disposign of a boddy whit teh clap or is it just the usul thign?' an i reply like 'stamp stamp. stamp sdtamp stamp.' i mean at frist galance it seems like itd bae hrad to maintian intrast but its all in teh exacution u know. howevar damit teh name is alredy takan. by a loser too.

crap. at this rate ill nevar be famos.

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Can you not kill him and take it over? If you need help with the body, mail me & I'll tell you what to do.
I was sad to see that this address is already taken by a psychotic Italian. Life can be so cruel.

If I could find her, I'd consider killing her for it. Unless she had the clap, because how would I dispose of the body without advice from clever Hans?
Would five stamps be enough to send the body of a clap-ridden husband sufficiently far away? It sounds decidedly cheap even by the standards of Federal Express' special Dead Letter Service.
Aren't you already famous?

I see people stealing your schtick all over the internet. You are ubiquitous!
rob - 'can u not'? jesus u folks are weird cant you say 'cantcha' like nromel ppl? er anyway yeh i culd kil im but id hafta beat the pasword outa im frist. an then id nevar hear the end ofit.

vague - ahh but u miss teh beauty of the whole idea! i ant gota clue howta daspose of a boddy with clap or without but if all im sayign is 'stamp stamp stamp' whos to know? so rely youd be on ur own anyway. so go for it!

pihiop - what kinda... st... ohhhhh! har har har! took me a minuet.

ammon - mabe im famuos. but moare likly their just freerange dumbasses who came by it onasly.
Well, I can only assume the "stamp stamp stamp" instructions would have been helpful if faced with such a situation, you know? Huddled over the destroyed husk of a be-clappified corpse, I would see how it all began to make sense. I suspect. Not that I'd know.
u mean teh slayer who 'said that he has been a role model for children in his Malden neighborhood'? yeh knoawign maldan im inclianed to balive im.
That's the one.

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