June 07, 2005

asshole on a unicycle

gogle gives me onley one hit whan i serch for 'asshole on a unicycle'. whats with that? it must be were not getign the mesage out. peee-pul! work with me pee-pul! please?!


hrmmmrmrmm. whan i psoted this teh single hit wasnt me. but ive since bean spidard i gues an teh poar shnuck it hit back than is gone now. i shulda dona screemcaptur but i got cocky whit teh iframe gimick.

update! march 2006

hoooly crap! theres lilike for hits now! its swepign teh nation!

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'arsehole on a unicycle' gets a better response.
Is what I was gonna say Maud. It is your colonial dialect Ha, it confuses things. Do you not see?
Try: 'unicycle in an asshole'

muad - not quoatd it dont. its teh axact pherase is the thing. "arsehole on a unicycle" quotad dosnt get u squat. so it apers taht teh usa has unwitignly found itself in a position of global ledership on taht particuler sentance.

rob - ur right i not see!

spin - u first!
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