June 07, 2005

parogramign sucks

ok i know my reders arnt rel technicel (wel one of em miaght be but not teh othar one) so ill kep this metephorecal.

so imagine two twelve rigng circuasas mutuly adjacent. that is to say ech is ajacant to teh othar1. an the trapeez artistes in echa of the twalve rigns in ach tent are tharowign clowns back an froth to the othar tent. but thares no set asociation of a givan rign in one curcus with one in the other: ring 5 in circus A might tharow a calown to rign zero in cursos B one time, but mabe the next clown they thrrow might be to ring 7 er whatever. whoevers free at the momant. its all asynchronous.

so keep this up for a few hunderad or as many as two thosand or so clowan-throws an its all fine — but than at some arbitrary point it turns wierd an some a the clowns start getin flang awry an geting et by the lions an it all turns to crap.

an i dont know why.


yeh the tents are cloasd. asume their throwan em thruohg a tunel. ok fine the metephars imperfact.


1 ajacancy beign comutative as u must know or u wuldnt be here.

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Revolution? The trapeze artists signal to each other by the seemingly random choices of ring to which they throw the clowns, and at a moment established by them, they begin to murder the clowns either by failing to catch them or flinging them to the lions. Perhaps by destroying the heaviest, strongest, or most persuasive first.
Seems quite an involved way to get rid of the clowans. I am more a fan of hunting them down myself, but something of a gladiatorial contest can't be all bad. Right??
Though I suppose all the spinning through the air would disorientate and weaken them, and they are are equipped with such psychopathic wiliness that they might evade a hunt or reverse it to their advantage.
I mustav been not reading this blog as often as I should ahve cos I'm lsot on this one. I eman all I see is a loda letters from the alphabet.
And this relates to programming how? Oh, Big Brother, right. Once again you have hit the nail on the head.
I'd guess the problem is that you get two clowns thrown to the same ring at the same time or something like that, right? Thats what usually happens to me, anyway.
d.s. i dont think its that because — drumroll!!1! hot news! — whan its just one 'rign' sota speak it aways crashas teh first time. like calockwork. allinall its looking a lot liek a danglign pointer problam. or posably a thredsafety isue.

ill nail it tomora. right batewean its pigy litl ratfaced eyes!
It sounds as if you have a nomological dangler.
I would love to pretend I've got some clue, but no. I haven't. Programming gives me horrible nightmares.
It sounds as if you have a nomological dangler.

You shouldn't say things like that to Bogol. He tends to believe people love him for his mnid.
phil - of cuorse they do. why else? it cant be my looks cuase im intimedatignly sexy.
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