June 10, 2005

agonizign reaperaisel

jeez im rely pushin tihs thign uphil aint i?

think im gona give it a rest for a whiale. er at any rate not post unles ive got smoethign taht dosnt suck.

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Everyone finds their natural level in life, old boy.
What about more cat pictures and recipes? I seem to recall requesting knitting patterns and have yet to see any posted here. Well? WELL?
vague dude my cat is vary wel documenatad. be carful what u wish for! as for nitign patrens cant help u thare.

i culd post my chili recipy tho. got raves last time i brotght it to a party. but if i did taht rob wuld say im borign. well i am borring! but i dont need tohear it form that bastard.
Depends how good your chilli is really. If it's somethging special, well, I might just claim it as my own. Best keep it under your hat really.
Maybe you could do restaurant reviews. The Barking Crab sounds particularly promising.
Oooh yes, cat recipes - Mm good!
h.b. - duno abuot that barkin carb. too many cartoons on teh menu. loks saspicous.

rob - u can claim anythign u like as logn as teh royelty checks dont bounce.

agamamon - yep! truoble is u need to use teh real smal kitans bafoare they grow up an get tough. an thares not much meat on them. u grill em whoale like ortolens.
I suppose you could make "cat veal". That way you get 'em all nice and tender and sweet.
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