June 18, 2005

battman bagins to suck

well ok u culd aruge taht batman began to suck fortey yers ago whan adam west decamped1. but anyghow tihs movei is ten puonds a ass in a fivepond bag.

its two an a half hors logn. an abot one an a half hours a that is dull talky bullshit. its not just dull. it dosnt evan signify. dtwo thrids of it is bland undiferentiatd pseudoprofound holywood imitatien estern-mysticism babble. liem neeson mighta just as well a been standi9gn thare sayin 'quack quack quack'. teh othar third is saposed to be astabilishign batmans childhood but those parts plod too. if theyda cut it so 50% of teh runing time was axplosions an car chases itd a been a decent movie. but they overreached and its a selfindulgant shambles. a shambles with teh stupadest batmobile ive evar seen.

on teh plus side: gary oldman was rely good. as he usuly is whan hes not ovaractign horably. an katie holmes is a cutey! an in teh nonmborign parts teh visuals were cool.

1 hyuk hyuj hyik


i fergot5 to mention cristian bale looks eerily like my cats vet. so i kept acxpecting im to say somethign goofy in a canedian acent an stick a thamomater up som poor animels butt.

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The cinematographer has a , though.
he has a what? a buger? er what? damit man dont leve me haignign here!
'ovaractign horably'What else are you supposed to do to pass the time in a Besson movie? Sniff glue? Probably for the best as it goes. Have you seen that one about the divers where he swims of with the fuckin' dolphins at the end. It made me very angry.
Dolphins tend to do that.

I know they piss me off all the time, coming in to port with the little bastards surfing the bow wave and everyone going "ooohhh how cute". What are you people , sailors or schoolgirls? Real damn lucky I only carry a small knife around at work.

"Name to conjure with", was what I think I wanted to say. That's disturbing news about your vet. You must have been terrified when American Psycho was released.
Do you go to Porter Square Vets (in, er, Davis Square)?
man i hate dolphens! anythign wiht taht meny legs aint fit ta eat. anamals shuldnt otta be red ether.

h.b. - amaracin psyco didn bothar me much byt my cat was petrafied.

will - nope. its one in arlengten.
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