January 07, 2005


commas. i hate em. hate em hate em hate em. dont even get me strated.

i nevar know what their suposed to mean. but holy crap at lest there less confusign than semicolons.

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What is your opinion on the close-parenthesis - ')'?
dont like em one danm bit. if u dont opan em u dont have to close em.
btw tim why didnt u use a aray literal for ur radnom subtitlas? er. well excapt that wuld require comas. aarghghgh. horable things. their like litl bugs. hate em.
bat at laest ther low u cain stamp on theim.

apastraphees ar thi rael porbelm. ulso i thank ther an indeen traib in arziona.

Jeff, ragder for ur bnakge
Obscene. Absolutely disgustin'. I won't have it, you hear? Simply won't have it.
I love punctuation. It's what separates us from the rest of the sentence.
spek fer urself.
usuly i rely on getin time off for good bahavior whan i wnat to avod the rest of a sentance.
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