December 31, 2004

casal garcia vinho verde tinto

ok the casal garcia vv bronco isnt a bad litl wine. so i thot id try the red kind. wel holy crap! its awfal! omg! its liek halfased red tabel wiane mixd wiht club soda. mabe a litl hint of trona in the finash.

so for futer referance stik with the whiet kind. its much les alkaline.

killr fact! trona is on off the cheif exprots of wyomang! an evadantly portagul also. but u probaly new that.

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Idaho is full of Basques.
i her a hoalin in the distinse as nite fals on the widswapt planes of iodaho. the hwolin gros closer an teh wolevs glateran eys ar visebl. we wap the horsas 2 evar grater aforts for teh sled is bair of basuqes.
the baques ar in spane btw an portugels not in spaine. its in. um. i think its in poartugal actualy.
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