January 11, 2005

'im donw here for ur soul'

its nto that nick caves records suck. cause they dont. an its not that hes scarry lookin. even though he is. no its the fact that if u listen to allot of nikc cave for to long ur gona end up kilin somebody with a ax. i guarantee this. try it an see.

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Even better, listen to Blixa Bargeld's band, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten. He's the guitarist in the Bad Seeds. They make you want to kill someone with an angle grinder, which makes a lot more mess than an axe.
huh. i didnt know bargeld was in taht band. i nevar herd em. i alwyas asumed theyd sound somthin like yeti as plyaed by a machine shop an a plaen crash. the kidn of krautrocki evan julien coap culdnt get off on. an it takes a heap o wierd to bafle that boy leme telya.

duno why i thot that abot em. probly just teh name.
No, that's a pretty good assessment. Their name means "collapsing new buildings". 'Nuff said.
i thot of a beter one! 'a buldozer havin a epaleptic fit'.
How can you vouch for the truth of this theory? Have you personally been sent into bouts of homicidal rage after listening for hours on end to Nick Cave records?
i wouldnt use teh word 'rage'. its more like u jsut sorta get the felin taht the ax is calin ur name. its all very peceful an dereamlike. even teh heds rolin aroun are very soothign.

anyway thats teh efect cave has on me. i cant spiek fro anybody eslse.
Nisk Cvae? dos he plya th occarina? i olny lik mucisans taht paly the ocxarina. aslo ist gud ef thy cna pyl th arpegnionge. bast off al eff thy cna ply boht att hte sam tim adn aslo the base druem wit thar fout.

et shuld bi too poolka teimpot two. the rast off muscicains ar jast lebrul penkos.

Jeff, wrencher off ur bzilt
ter poolka der de borscht de borscht börk börk börk!

der ocerinas reserv is a sutl an sohpiticasted logical toul. duno if nick cave is up 2 that. rahsaan roland kirk mite tho. or erec royer mabe.
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