January 18, 2005

killer faxct!

teh irrish endearment 'acushla' ('my pulse') can refar to lentels as wel as canelinis! teh italean 'polenta' is darivd formm tihs usage by way of the latin 'pulmentum' (literaly 'pull teh other one').

the 'pulse' part expalins the whole 'good for ur hert' conection.

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Dia's Maire dhuit, a chara!

Dis bleg iz geting erse and urse.

Bat az wee sey en Verjinya, Lintels ar fer Luvvers.

Jeff, wating for sider
dias maire er... what? pogue mahone? thare ive exaustid my erse vagcabulari now.

er urse irse ursin... argh i cant bear it!

ok taht was lame.

enyway its true quen alazibith was givan a lentel on her corenation an she luved it.
soe ar u sayin ierland iz teh ersehoel ov teh yuniverze?

i naver anderstood abowt eting lintels wut doo u doo wiht teh rast ov teh dorway?

Jeff, huengry fore turmites

pee ex:

"A curious peculiarity of the Chukchi language is its different pronunciation by men and women. The women's language lacks the r-sound, they pronounce ts instead. The men's pronunciation of the r is regarded as unsuitable for women."

four eksampl:


knot az intreestin az lintels an bigg berds taht kil u, bat stil...
wel lentils ar cald taht cause tehyre lenticular. so... so... tharefor... any um... any dorway... which... this impleis taht teh dorrwey is in a maner of... of speking... umm... whan teh lintel is remoaved an eten the remander of the dorway coalapsses to a point. a snigularity if u will. whihc is inetible but also very smal so noboddy minds.

ok so now as for these chuckecheese ppl. i tink they just gota get the marbles outa they're mouthes an spek up.


thats actuly a totly cool fatc. kiler evan! im tepted to use it but its urs. hey why dont i ad u as a socalled 'team member'. emial me if u wnaa do that.
Excellent. I was wondering what that Pulse thing was all about.
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