January 21, 2005

further abuce of police powars

who payed for hte sidewalk? the city!

whare do they get tehyr money? taxes!

who payes taxes? me!


so ill drive on teh damn sidewalk if i damn well plese thank u vary much. why cant hte police undarstan this an get of my case?

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In England we don't have sidewalks, but we do have police. Except we call them "filth".
i dont get it. if u dont have sidlwalks where do u drive?
Mngah! Get haloscan or something! We drive on the wrong side of the road to confuse and upset the rest of the world. Except the japanese and the australians.
hou pade for teh plolise?
hou pade texis?
al right.
i fogrot mi pint.

Jeff, kiping up mi compluter pervliges
anombonos ur doin the rite thing. the austroolians an teh japenese are cofnused enough alredy. itd hardly be fair to make it wers.

jefe i wodlnt wory to much about havin a pont. their overated.
But then where do the pedestrians walk? Is pedestrianism outlawed in your city? Or is it just a pedestrian/automobile free-for-all on the sidewalk?
outlawed?! good hevens no! taht wuld be tyrany.

their fre to wlak whareever they danm wel please. they just have to lern to dodge cars. an theive got a perfec right to opan fire as soon as ur within range so its not like a totly one-sided conflic.
ben reeding ur glob sense Xmas. Kant keyp up wtih y'all butt eye stink yer inciteful.
Inciteful of violence, if these comments are anything to go by.
anomalous sense xmens thanaks! golad u ejoy it.
S'all rite abite the pedestrians but what abot the cathlicks? And the muslins?
bystader i dont mind them podiatricians. its teh jainists that gieve me hte creaps.
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