January 24, 2005

welcom to boston. sucker.

it snowed yestidy.

i was rely into these wavelike drifts. theres cars underneath of em.


botson comon from becon street. u cant see it form this angle but napolions retreatin down tremont street.


sunset in cabmridge.

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Brrrrr...bootifull, but glad i am not in botson.
Serves you right for your treasonous tea party. I hope you all get frost bite.
it dosnt mater hary. were amaricans. if our toes fal off we just grow new ones. liek a newt. thats jsut teh kinda organisms we are.
actuly bbtw if u got wrom long undarwear an a good pair a boots this kidna wether is real nice. unless u got onstreet parkin an u haveta drive ur car. thats no fun.
Yeah, well, forgive and forget I guess.

I didn't believe you cam from Boston until I saw the pics. Now I am not so sure. Maybe you just got them from the web.
nah. im rely in boston. to my biter an lastin ragret.
Wow! Nice to see ol' Central Square, esp w/ bicyclist. Many's the time Sean and I did 180s on our bikes in just those sort of conditions. (When snow is over the wheel hubs, though, something about bicycular propulsion seems to break down. Watch out!)
Wow, whoa, Central Square & with a bicyclist. Many's the time.
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