January 28, 2005

killer fact!

jacques brel wasnt french — he was belgan!

so taht totly gets teh french off the hook as far as brell goes. but theyve still got a lot 2 anser for on the morris chevalyier front.

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Ah bon, but Chevalier is more than compensated for by tartiflette. It must be great to be French.
You mis-spelled Phrench (spit)
Don't you mean (sic)?
beh. gime toscan fode any day. simpilsity in al thigns. an franch wines ovarpriced.

i maen jesus. lok at excofier. yeah its a greate book if u hapan to find urself wif nothin in teh house but a dozen breace of ortelans an four quarsts of demiglas an five pundsa trofls. but that dosnt hapan to me real oftan.
i mean nto that i got anythign aganst lardons. dont get me wrogn.
Me, I'm making demi-glace tomorrow (and the next day). And strangely enough I'm not kidding. There's veal bones and half a calf's foot defrosting in the kitchen.
Is there anything sadder than veal bones.
yeah. clown bones.
thar yuh goe. boyl doun chevalyay intuh cloun bowns and weel al hav a gud crie. end teh frinch ken al go bak to noo caledondyay ware thay kame frum.

wheres the othar half of the calfs fot?

mmm. veal. i was gona have lam stake for diner but mabe il do veal inseatd.

jef i ageree. ever sinse teh french left new calofordia theyve bean nothin but truble.
I had it grafted onto my penis. Well, you can always use another half a foot.
The sadness of clown bones all depends on context. If the bones are juggled by, for example, another clown, then they would be more appropriately described as ironic, rather than sad.

If, on the other hand, the bones were those of a clown that had died after days of wandering in the desert, desperately seeking out one last circus gig, then those would definitely be sad bones.
i wuz goinge two starrt miy cammint biy sying
Teh sandess of cowln boines al deepends onn contrext...
bat i sei too giys arleady bate mee tow itt.

Jeff, teh rase iz tow teh siwftest
another funy context wuld be teh bleached boans of a clonw in teh desert wiht a vultar parched on em. but with the clowan skull havin a round nose boan an giant feet bones. but im not sure how youd make it clear it was a cloawn to began with. but teh jugglin gag has the same problam.

this may be a sort of dimensionless limitin factor on visual clwon-bone jokes.

an albino nostromo if u cant manage 2 get atlest one 'a' into 'dafanatalay' than ur not even tryin.
Hello Hahaha, I have a wee question you may be able to answer...what are ortelans? It has been bugging me for ages and man, I really need to know. Chars.
THe GYpsy
Spelling it correctly is a good way to start. I assume you can manage to parse a page of Google results.
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