February 04, 2005

prety pichers

reza masoudi:

ok teh short-depht-of-feld gimicks bean done on food befor but hey dael whit it (er dal whit it — hahaha!). i liek the prety colors. an im hugry.

oh looky! alaksa too!

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thes iz vary betiful bat i thot reza masudee wuz the spaker of teh parlamint en Irane. so mebbe teh hed mulah gote madd et hem end choped end aded spises, eh?

soe thiz is laik ur pischer of tenn guays nammed Anzio--vary confusiong toi teh nakked minde.

oslo, u used teh wrod "voch" en a cmoment; thes es a gud wrod to triy repiting-luk wear et gat teh kanjaroes. bast too atlernate weth teh wrd "flanje"

voch flanje vowtsch falange.... aend soe awn.

Jeff, fastinng frum paralmentariens
i dont thiakn kanjaro evar livad in kenya. but tehy do have lions an tigars! only in kenya!

but anyhow u gota wahcts ott for teh weeerd wirrin noise! in wiliamsberg! ware is broklyn in varginia?

wel anyway if teh mulas evar chip me up an ad spices i hoap i look as delicus as that.
Before and after?
Tigers in Kenya? I never heard such twaddle.
wel hariy if you havnt heard such twadle it probly just slipd ur mind. but if not its high time u did! holy crap! lions!

msut have shokcwave flash instaled. an spekers! theres a song!
o jef mabe u we're thikning of reza pahlavi? im not sure thats teh same guy.
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